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    How do I make sure that laptops are updated?

      Hi all,


      We have about 100 laptops that never come into an office, and only connect to our network via a VPN.  ePO reports most of these laptops as non-compliant, and in most cases doesn't even list a last communication time for them.  Many of the laptops aren't getting the latest patches and versions of the McAfee products we use.


      I'm trying to figure out how to rectify this situation.  If I schedule a McAfee Agent Wakeup task, and set the schedule type to "Run on Dialup," would it run when the VPN session is established?  How about "at Logon," is that a better choice?  We are using the latest agent, version 4.5 although most of the laptops still have version 4.


      Of course, I don't know how the laptops will get the task that I create.


      If anyone has suggestions, or has dealt with a similar problem, I would be happy to hear from you.



      - Steve