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    Issue with McAfee VSE, Windows XP, and High Memory Use of services.exe

      I have about 200 Windows XP systems that are running VSE 8.5i.  The issue that I am seeing is that services.exe is consuming an overwhelming amount of memory, usually around 120MB.  This is making the system pretty much unusable with logins taking up to 30 minutes to occur.  What I have found is that if I delete the contents of the Windows Security Log, services.exe goes down to normal (around 2,000KB of memory usage) and the system is fine.  Once the log is cleared though, either McShield.exe or naPrdMgr.exe spike in memory usage to around 100MB and then settle down within about 5 minutes or so.  Not all 200 systems are affected yet though, which makes it seem like maybe an update was pushed out through ePO that may not have been entirely successful.


      My questions are:

      1.  Is the a component of VSE 8.5i or ePO that monitors the Windows event log?

      2.  Why might clearing the security log alleviate the high services.exe memory usage?

      3.  Is there a misconfiguration or McAfee log file that I can look at that might provide clues to why this is happening?


      Any advice on this is greatly appreciated.



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