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    v4 Keyboard / Lang

      Struggling a bit with how to use Language and Keyboard packs in v4.


      If you have a KB applied ie.


      KB: France (AZERTY)




      LANG: English (British) Client & KB


      Then what is the expected behaviour? I mean, what if you WANT the Client in English but just the KB layout in AZERTY ? I have the files above selected for our French clients installs but clients are complaining that the keyboard mapping is not remaining on AZERTY and is often reverting to QWERTY. I wonder if I remove the British Language pack, if this will fix it, but then how will the client know which language to display the client in?




      Does the KB in the Language pack overide any specified KB client files elsewhere?

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          v4 only supports one language and keyboard at a time, so if you want to make something "special" you'll have to construct a file group out of the various bits and pieces you need.


          Yes, if you put the British language, the UK map will be applied, if you allocate the French language, the AZERTY map will be applied.

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            Thank you, that makes sense. Think I read somewhere too that if you have multiple client files of the same type, the last one applied is the one which will take precedent.


            So does a client NEED a LANG pack? If not, does it default to English?


            I don't want to make our French users clients French language at the moment so I plan to remove the British Lang pack and just leave the AZERTY KB applied. Just concerned that then there is no explicit selection for client laguage.

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              4 is very different to 5 - you must only apply one language pack to v4. Any more and you run the risk of corruption.


              If you don't apply one, it will default to US English.

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                That is proper course of action in SafeBoot 4.x. you need to apply file set that matches your keyboard layout.


                That obviously applies to users accessing various types of encrypted PC's. Because in general, only keyboard scancodes are recorded, so if user consistently puts the same series of keystrokes, password would be accepted (if you forget about password rules for a moment).

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                  peter_eepc wrote:


                  That is proper course of action in SafeBoot 4.x. you need to apply file set that matches your keyboard layout.

                  Understood but v4 makes this confusing as both KB and LANG file sets can be applied, with the LANG FIle Set actually containing a Keyboard Map. So it's not clear if an admin sets the client keyboard using the LANG or KB File set as both seem to be able to influence the Keyboard map appled to the client.


                  It would seem to me that if you implement a LANG file set then you should NOT apply a KB file set.


                  And if you wanted say, a French language client, with a Belgian AZERTY keyboard, this would not be supported without Client Customisation as adding the Belgian (AZERTY) KB Pack to the French Lang: Client and KB would cause conflict.

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                    I would focus on KB mapping rather than language and made sure that file set with proper KB is assigned to machine object.