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    Application Control v5.0.2-6702 (new stuff?)

      Does anyone have information on patch 2 that's been released for Application Control, V5?  I heard at one time that this patch may include support for third-party deployments?

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          Hi Jill,

          I've attached the 5.0.2 release notes to this post for you to review. I'm not quite sure what you mean by 3rd Party Deployments. Can you elaborate a little on that for me.


          Jeff Haynes

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            Hi Jeff,

            We use SCCM for all our deployments and I was told by our POS team that we wouldn't be able to use ePO for deployment of App Control.  This was completely unsupported by McAfee so we had to utilize the Application CLI and include it in a custom script.  It's been a struggle to get it to work properly...  Obivously I'd love to use ePO, but I was never given that option.


            The McAfee rep I've been working with mentioned awhile back that a new patch was coming out and would include support for third-party deployments, such as SCCM.

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              Well let ask around and I'll see what I can find out.


              Jeff Haynes

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                No support at all for 3rd party deployment tools, or it just won't work?


                Our environment also uses SCCM and using ePO for deployments to retail environments is a no-no here due to bandwidth limitations. We had initial meetings with McAfee regarding the implementation and integration of the Solidcore environment into ePO and specifically mentioned the fact that the 5.x client will be deployed via SCCM. We were told SCCM could be used in the client deployment, but I remember them being a bit vague. There is a difference of whether or not something can be done and whether or not it will be supported. Perhaps that is what was implied.


                I wouldn't think there would be a problem extracting the setup files you need from the ePO package and packaging them up in SCCM, but we've yet to try it.

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                  Well, it isn't supported.  To give my McAfee guy credit, he did get the engineers to write up a custom script that at least got the product installed without ePO.  That got us started. Then we had to build in the CLI commands to customize it even further, such as enabling the protection, solidifying it and then putting it into update mode.  All this would normally done via ePO and that has always been the original intent since McAfee purchased them.  I was told up front that McAfee doesn't have the support for the third-party installation.  We had a conversation with another retail customer who was in the same position as us except they were using Bigfix.  I think McAfee recognized that there were more customers out there interested in the product and require the ability to deploy successfully using third-party tools.  That's when I heard this latest patch was going to include some support for that.  I wasn't sure what that meant, so I thought I'd turn to the community for some help.


                  The product is awesome, I just really need the third-party installation help.  In my dreams they come out with an Installation Designer like AV!

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                    Just wanted you both to know that I have not forgotten about this thread and I'm still actively searching for an answer. I'm hoping to have some more details soon.


                    Jeff Haynes

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                      Please review KB69408 for possible solution.

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                        hey Robert, thanks!  That is actually exactly what they provided us back in February which we created a script out of.  They were working on that for a few other customers so it looks like they've just made it public to everyone.  I think they are still working on an .msi that includes all those steps in it, but maybe not....

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                          Hi Jill,


                          I will check on the progress if a msi package is in the works.

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