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    Need help in data recovery from the drive

      On Monday my OS crashed, after which I have been working to do data recovery.

      Mcafee Endpoint protection was running before so the HDD is encrypted.

      Ok, I was provided with BartPE disc to do take backup of my system. Followed steps provided to authenticate SBFS

      But the drive showed as curropted and not readable.

      What should I do.


      I took the HDD out and mounted it on a USB casing for SATA HDD.

      ran another recovery tool which I had, but this cannot read files.

      How shall I proceed.

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          Did you click the "mount" button ? Are you sure you used the right db export, or did you authenticate locally?


          I would call your helpdesk - they are the ones who should be working with you on this.

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            Put your disk back in original machine. Check machine object ID in pre-boot screen. Request SDB file for your PC (matching object ID) along with Daily Code. Make sure that you have proper mass storage device drivers installed and working on your BartPE CD.

            If neccessary, put your disk into compatibility mode using PC BIOS settings for SATA.

            Can you get disk information using WinTech (there is an option for that)?

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              I guess I lost hope of recovering the data, got the HDD replaced and returned the HDD without any furthur effort for recovery.  My IT helpdesk had informed me that they do not support for data recovery. Lost some important data but cannot help it. And I got a lesson, I should have cleared my system last week itself when my system OS  gave me first sign of going to get crashed. Had got some system files deleted, which I replaced, on monday got a BSOD saying ntfs.sys not three or something(I guess it got curropted because after putting the files last week my system seemed to be working fine),

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                I guess if you are not authorized to make encryption changes (including data recovery) and party responsible for it is not cooperating, your disk data is gone. Knowing that, keep frequent backups off your data in the future. You work in high risk environment.