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    Win 7 Vs8.7i Clients doesn´t use epo Settings



      i have a little Problem but first here are now my Config:


      Windows Server 2003 with epo 4.5 (Build 753)

      Windows 2000 - XP (VirusScan 8.5i Patch 8)

      Windows Vista - Seven (VirusScan 8.7i Patch3)

      Agent Version


      Here now my Problem:


      All Windows 2000-XP Clients communicates with the epo 4.5 Server and take all Settings but in epo i deploy only VS8.5i, VS8.7 and his policy are in the epo too but not deployed.


      Now i take the Agent from epo Server and deploy him with SCCM 2007 to Vista and Windows 7 Clients with this install String:  FramePkg.exe /INSTALL=AGENT /SILENT, after this i install the Virusscan 8.7i with Patch 3 to the Client.


      the Agent and VS is now installed on the VISTA / Seven Client and communicates with the epo 4.5 but the VS8.7 changed nothing in the Settings.


      Can anyone tell me why?


      I must work with this Workflow because we have Vista / Seven as TestClients in our OU for over 40 Users.


      Thank you well and with best regards.

      André J.

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