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    8.7i Patch 2 with Antispyware: Not Updating

      Hello all!

      I've recently taken over being the McAfee at my job.  Unfortunately the person that had it before didn't do anything... literally.  I have several machines out of compliance for one reason or another... we're talking over 100 machines and each one seems to be a little different... so I have one heck of a task ahead of me.


      Anyway, there are several machines that will not get the latest definitions.  There was one in particular that was only running version 8.0.xxx of VSE so I finally figured out how to push 8.7.x an spyware addon using EPO 4.0.  Once I finally verified the latest was pushed to this machine I have push the agent again, waked the agent, etc. and it still has old defs.  I don't understand why it isn't updating since it seems to be reporting in ok now.


      EPO 4.0

      PC has VSE 8.7.x patch 2.


      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Please let me know what other information I can provide to help you help me!  Again, I'm new to all of this.




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          Ok, logged into late last night and noticed this particular pc in question updated which is great, BUT I don't understand how or why.  Why didn't it update yesterday after I isntalled 8.7 with spyware?  Is there a way to force a def update/download through epo?  I thought I was doing that when I woke up th agent, but apparently not.




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            Do you have a product update task set for your machines?

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              Yes, there is a product update task.  Perhaps that is what got it to update, but I wish there was a way to force an update because I have a lot of cleanup to do.  There are literally hundreds of machines not compliant for one reason or another.  Either they are not reporting in at all with any information, or they have an older client such as 8.5, or the defs are out of date.  For the ones that have the latest client, but the defs are out of date, I don't understand why.  Furthermore, I do not know how to get them to update manually using EPO.




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                First of all what query are you looking at?

                I have thousands of machine out of compliance, but those include ones that aren't on.


                first you could create a new query to see what is compliant for machines today.- clone the query VSE: current dat adoption and rename it.

                then edit your new query and go to the filter section and add in (from the available properties list): detected agents - add last detected time and change it to " is with the last 1 day". save and run.

                that will show you what is compliant for today.


                That will give you a better understanding of current machines.


                You also want to check the agent-to-server communication time in the agent policy,

                And what if you change the product update task to run immediately.


                Possibly worth a try to see what happens and depnedning on your agent comms times- wait a couple of hours etc to see if they all update.


                I think you can use super agents to do a force dat update but I personally don't use them, so you'd have to check out the manual.


                Being dumped with getting this all sorted may see  a bit daunting, but take your time and read the manual and search the forums.

                Also have  a look  at the tutorials: