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    ePO 4.5 subnetting

      I'm currently running ePO 4.5 on 4 subnets.


      location 1:

      location 2:


      i'm running 2x epo servers on the .1 / .2 subnets.  the epo.1 & .2 talk and replicate all the time with no issues.  However neither of them can talk to the .10 or .20.  Before I start yelling @ my networking guys, I need to make sure there is nothing else I need to verify within ePO settings.  both subnets are setup within the subnet status, but no servers showing under the .10 or .20.


      Any suggestions?

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          First, I would verify that basic networking is right between the 2 lan's... ping, tracert, etc... all looks good ?

          Firewall on the clients stopping any traffic ?

          Can you manually install the agent from the suspect subnets?

          If so, start the epo agent monitor (cmdagent.exe /s) and see if it communicates properly.


          fwiw - you have 2 totally separate epo servers, 1 for each subnet ?  that seems like 2x the maintenance, maybe running it on undersized hardware....fun stuff.