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    McAfee Agent 4.5 fails to enforce policy or doesnt display on taskbar


      I have noticed some strange behaivours for agent 4.5. The issues are highlighted below:


      1. The mcafee agent 4.5 fails to display on the task bar even after launching the most famous mcafee command: c:\<install dir>cmdagent.exe /s

      this error even occurs when the policy had been set on the ePO server.


      2. The McAfee agent 4.5 fails to enforce policy on the client. the agent status monitor shows that it has successfully downloaded the policies, however the policies are not enforced and if they are, it is not implemented.


      these issues are isolated and are not occuring on the same systems, though i believe it is only a matter of time before i discover a system with its client displaying the two issues.


      please anyhelp on these issues as i feel the numbers are growing