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    Not all group users can sign in to PBA

      I added my Domain Admins group to the Group Users tab for My Organization.  There are 7 users in my Domain Admins group and only 5 of them  show up in the EE: Users query. 2 admin accounts are missing.


      I have 3 laptops here and 2 admin users can't log into either, nor are  they in the MfeEpe.log.  One of the laptops, my own admin account can  log in because I assigned it directly to the laptop, but on the other  laptops I cannot and I am not in the MfeEpe.log on those machines.



      I have set EE/LDAP task to sync with SAMACCOUNTNAME for username. This  works fine for users assigned to the computer and some of the domain  admins in the group.  The problem is three of the seven admins in the group just aren't downloaded to the computers.