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    installing updates on shutdown issue

      Hi, i have 2 computers that are both running windows xp but service pack 2(i read somewhere that there was a problem but for service pack 3). Anyways my updates never went past installing update 2 of 11 and every time when i used my computer mcafee would continually pop up saying a suspious script was running and i finally got tired of seeing it so i clicked stop this script. the next day after doing that my computer would go to the screen where you pick a user and instantly show a blue screen saying bad_pool_caller and would never go past there no matter which mode i start my computer in. since this computer wasnt working i switched to my identical other computer and used the wireless card so that it has access to the internet. that night(a week later since my incident) i had the same installation problem when i shut it down. the following day i started getting the same message so before shutting down or stopping the script i did some reading and found that updating mcafee could fix it. i did that and have not had a problem since. the problem is my other computer i cannot get started up to fix so what should i do?