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    McAfee update stopped inet connection, destroyed McAfee, and more

      I am a registered user of McAfee.


      Op System – Windows XP Pro, SP2


      Problem – cannot access internet, McAfee does not start, cannot boot in Safe Mode, could not do a System Restore to a previous – just would not do it.


      1. When I booted the computer on May 10, I believe, and selected the normal McAfee update, it came back with a box that I have seen occasionally that my computer was not protected and to click on FIX in McAfee. I clicked on it and instead of opening McAfee, it ran a bit, then rebooted the computer.

      2. Upon reboot, I no longer had access to internet, could not connect at all (and still cannot, either wirelessly or by cable), McAfee completely disappeared, no icon in the tray, no icon on the desktop, and no program in the Start, All Programs.

      3. Note that the McAfee icon would appear in the tray during the boot process, but disappear by the end of it.

      4. I tried booting the machine in Safe Mode. It would not. Even though I selected Safe Mode, it would revert to the normal boot. None of the other possibilities would work.

      5. I tried doing a System Restore. Did not work. Was told to turn it off by some web site, thus lost the restore data.

      5. I wanted to run McAfee from the McAfee directory, but I do not know which file to execute. I tried some, but nothing works. I cannot reinstall McAfee if I cannot connect to the internet.

      6. The problem started on May 10 and I noticed that a Temp directory was created under McAfee called, qxz9F. This directory contains 87 files, including many exe and dll files that were from 2010.04.01. Where are the real files supposed to be? I tried executing several of them, to no avail.

      6. I explained the problem to the McAfee technical support and he sent me an email containing the document Consumer KnowledgeBase Id TS100622. This was useless. When I click on the FreeScan link, it asks me to login. When I login, it takes me to the download area where my account is, not to some virus scan program. When I try to go anywhere else on the McAfee site, I am logged out.

      7. Since then, I have found by accident, the 5958 problem that appears to cause problems similar to mine. I ran a program from AVG that created a boot disk and scanned for viruses. None found. Note that the McAfee tech support did not even mention this 5958 problem as a possible problem for me, nor does the web site mention it. I found it in the community forums by accident.

      8. After reading solutions for this, I changed the svchost.exe file in the windows\system32\ directory to one from another computer that works. This did not help. I could not find a McAfee solution.

      9. I am stuck with this problem. It was undoubtedly caused by the McAfee update.


      Could someone please help.




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          Sounds like malware is preventing your computer from functioning normally as it should. The following link gives you some guidelins in dealing with this stuff.Required Reading - Home User Assistance Malware Troubleshooting


          You may also consider running Malwarebytes and SuperAntispyware both of which are free and catches a lot of stuff. Best to get these from a non infected pc by using a usb stick. I suggest you rename the download and installation files to something you can easily remember as malware is written to protect itself. Check for the latest updates an run the program and let it clean everything it finds and reboot the computer. Do the same for the other program.


          Let us know how this works for you.

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            You should be running SP3 in your computer. The specified item was not found.

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              Thank you for your reply, however, I am still no further along.


              I downloaded with another computer the Malware software that you mentioned and ran it on the damaged computer. It found some problems with a few registry entries about notification or lack of notification of virus updates, or something like that, plus a rogue in a bunch of files that have been there for a couple of years that are jpegs that I created with a program that I purchased. There is no problem with these.


              Then, I downloaded SP3 to the other computer, burned it to a CD, copied it to the damaged computer and ran it.


              Then I let it reboot. It has been stuck in the Windows XP startup screen, for more than 4 hours now. This is worse. In fact, this is why I did not attempt to install SP3, heard too many bad things about it. Pressed the reset button and Windows loaded. Still cannot connect to internet.


              What do I do now?


              I still maintain that this was a McAfee installed problem. I want a McAfee solution.


              I noticed that my message thread disappeared from the Discussions board. Why is this. Your answers were suggestions, not solutions. Any more suggestions? I am now worse off.






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                Are you able to run the McAfee Virtual Technician? MVT is found at the top of this page under Useful Links and will attempt to fix any McAfee problems it may find. I would aslo suggest you contact Technical Support Chat also found under Useful Links for further diagnosis of your issue.


                You could also try to uninstall via Add/Remove programs and reboot the machine. Then run the MCPR removal tool found under Useful Links to remove any remnants of the software that may have become corrupted and reboot again.


                Download and install the McAfee preinstall tool  http://download.mcafee.com/products/licensed/cust_support_patches/McPreInstall.e xe

                Upon completion of the preinstall login to your online McAfee account and download and install your software. These suggestions I have posted have resolve many customers issues similar to yours but you may have an issue that I am unfamiliar with. Maybe one of the moderators of this forum will chime in and suggest something different to help you with.

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                  Thanks again. I already had MVT installed on the machine. When I run it, it opens a screen with MVT in the header at the top and then a big "i"  followed by "Navigation to the webpage was canceled" followed by "What you can try:" a big dot with nothing else.


                  IE 8 has a similar message, with the button "Diagnose Connection Problems" followed by a circile with an arrow for a popdown. That is all. The Circle/arrow shows the message in the footer bar: res://ieframe.dll/dnserror.htm#. The "Diagnose Connection Problems" button does nothing.


                  So, I figure that the McAfee update also effectively killed IE8.


                  Why I suspected a virus, was that I lost the inet connection, McAfee icons and program, all in one shot, following the normal dat update that rebooted my machine. After reading about the 5958 problem, I am not so sure. After scanning twice all files with the AVG rescue disk, no viruses were found.


                  Thus I still suspect McAfee, either as the culprit or a trojan was added to its update.


                  I will try the McAfee technician again, but I am skeptical. The last guy had trouble understanding that I was chatting with him using a computer other than the computer that has the problem. He sent me on a wild goose chase for a McAfee program that I couldn't find, totally ignoring the systems. He, and I suspect any other techie would not read or comprehend what I have written. They would tell me to run the free virus scan program on my computer, ignoring that I cannot connect to the internet.


                  Neither you nor the techie was able to tell me why McAfee Security Centre disappeared and will not run. If it is a virus, I doubt that I am the only one in the world who has this problem. Etc, etc. Sorry for the rant, but.....


                  I am just about ready to come to grips with the horrifying prospect of reformatting and reinstalling Windows and everything that comes with it. I have always been careful, always kept my McAfee up to date, have a firewall, etc. Again, the problem started with the normal update of McAfee upon booting up the computer. It is a McAfee problem.


                  And again, I can no longer connect to the internet using either wireless or direct connection to the router. The 2 portables we have work fine, both wirelessly and directly connected to the router, thus it is not the router, nor the DSL cable box. The wireless on the problem computer does not even find any wireless connections.


                  Finally, the 2 portables we have are running Norton. Moral: don't put all your eggs in one basket.




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                    After seeing another posting with a similar problem and the solution from Tom (kt3g), I managed to download and run the MCPR removal tool. When the program was getting close to the end, my internet connection magically came back. Windows Explerer search - menu on the left had come back. Internet Explorer came back. I have a few more things to check, like seeing if I can boot in Safe mode, but at least after rebooting, I have my internet connection back.


                    Now, of course, Microsoft is advising me that my computer might be at risk Antivirus software might not be installed, and they are right. I need antivirus protection.


                    The question is, do I dare download and install the McAfee Security Centre again?


                    Comments and suggestions?


                    Special thanks to Tom for his effort and solution,


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                      Vinod R

                      If It was my machine I would have taken a back up my machine and then installed it again on the machine to see if I could repro the issue. ( Provided I knew how I was able to recover it in the first place..)

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                        JCB, when you are satisfied everything is working as it should, would you please mark this thread answered so that we can close this?


                        Good Luck