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    Boot up fails after successful removal of Mcafee using MCPR



      Well after 6 weeks of trauma, I decided to uninstall Mcafee on my Dell running Win XP SP3 laptop(previous post: http://community.mcafee.com/message/135878#135878).I followed the instructions from mcafee using MCPR and received the expected message,"Clean up successful".Now my computer would not restart,even in safe mode.


      No clue whatsoever.Does this mean that because of this horrible program I have to format and reinstall XP.This one is going to the consumer court.I have not been able to use my machine for 6 weeks now and MCafee has had no answer to my questions.



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          Peter M

          I think it's simply coincidence that this happened as MCPR doesn't touch system files.  It sounds very much like something was amiss to start with and this merely proved to be the catalyst.   From what you say here and the other thread it sounds to me symptomatic of some deeper issues.  Possibly hardware failure or some sort of infection but that's only a  guess.  No antivirus is proof against everything and one has to be careful.


          Do you have an XP SP3 installation disk or recovery partition that can enable a repair installation to take place?   That would preserve your documents etc. but would necessitate installing many Microsoft Updates again.


          If not I would take the machine to a repair shop.


          You can try Technical Support online chat (via Useful Links above) - they may possibly have some ideas on what's best to do next.





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