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    ePO Agent Handler Grouping - Virtual DNS/IP



      For the AH grouping option - we have to provide a virtual dns name and virtual IP address to create an AH group. I can see no way I can only mention the virtual dns name and create an AH group. Any reason why we need to specify both the options (dns and IP)?



      I have 2 load balanced servers A and B with 2 servers each i.e. 4 servers in total. I have configured a Vdns for A & B so that whenever a client query the name it sould resolved to either 1 from the list of 4. But with the current settings in ePO - I can not go only with the Vdns and their is no option to configure 2 load balanced IPs..!!


      Can anyone please explain why we need to go with both Vdns and Vip...not only with a Vdns? Thanks in advance!


      - AB