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    Licence allocation, activation & deactivation


      I am totally confused with how licenses are transferred and what actions should be taken, when one has to re-build ones computer and re-download.


      I had 5 licences only 4 were active; my desktop Dell 9150, my Son Dell desktop, my Samsung NC10 and my Wife’s Toshiba laptop.


      I recently purchased a Dell Mini 10 and had/have installation problems, Windows would not load. I ended up purchasing 2 additional licences because the deactivation process takes 7days; as stated when deactivating a computer on my account.


      I appreciated that a fix has been published for the Mini 10, thanks to those who gave me guidance; I’m not to sure about the Samsung issue; it loaded but would not update no animated rotating icon, just no apparent sign of doing anything, any ideas?


      Can anyone answer the following: -


      Due to the activation/deactivation of computers I now have 7 licences, 3 in use, 4 available; yet only 2 computers are listed as active, my sons Dell and my wife’s laptop. Any ideas why the numbers don’t match?


      At one point my Dell 9150 was listed twice, one active the other not, I added a ‘nickname’ to the active one I wanted to keep and asked for the other to be removed completely; both were changed to the removed status and remain listed! Total Protection is still running on it OK, as this was the first computer ever registered is its name not shown, has it appeared because of previous rebuilds?


      How does one re-build ones computer, download the software again without requiring or using another licence; does one have to contact McAfee Customer Support?


      I am hesitant to re-install Total Protection again on my Mini 10 and Samsung until I understand more about the above.


      I have a call back scheduled for the 22nd June from McAfee; I’m hoping to gain a little more understanding from the ‘Community’ members before this event.