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    Installation Designer 8.7i


      Hi All,


      i created a 8.7i package via Installtion Designer to be used with our imaging software but I need to make a change/build a new one as we are rolling out SP3 for XP. The problem was we added MSN to unwanted programs as a default so when you try and install SP3 is crashed because McAfee deletes the file. I have removed MSN from the unwanted programs list and this has replicated to all machines.

      The problem is now for new builds we are adding the SP3 to the image build but McAfee still deletes the file so I trying to create a new package thru Installation Designer 8.7i but when I create the pacakge from scratch it comes up with the following message when I try and amend the unwanted policy which is greyed out. I have downloaded the latest version of 8.7 from McAfee and I still get the same message. Any thoughts on why this is happening.



      ScreenHunter_09 Jun. 18 16.05.gif

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          I would verify nvpcpl.dll is present on your system. It is what controls the unwanted program policies dialog.

          It should always be present though, even if not installed as a feature.


          Otherwise, something sounds off with the VSE installation.


          Precautionary thing to do also, build MID packages anew rather than customizing something you had already customized.

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            Have checked and nvpcpl.dll is installed on my laptop as part of my VirusScan install. I did download the latest 8.7i from McAfee and try using that but the same issue. I will use a seperate spare laptop which has been completely re-built and try on that and see what happens.