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    Unable to connect to https://

      This all started with a password change and now ePolicy 4.5 SP2 cannot connect to its sql database. When trying to connect, it displays a message that the license is invalid. Re-entering the license information does not help. When browsing to: https://EPOserverName:8443/core/config  the page (after a long delay) is redirected https://localhost:8443/core/config-auth and I am unable to log in.


      I have verified the SQL port and the setting in db.properties are the same.


      How can I change the password that ePo using to connect to SQL.


      Thanks so much for everyones help.


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          Which password was changed? Was it the passsword for the account that ePO uses to access SQL? If so, you may need to manually edit the db.properties file to set the new password. Try this:


          1) Stop the three ePO services on the ePO server.

          2) Make a backup copy of db.properties, located under the ePO install folder at ..\server\conf\orion\db.properties

          3) Open db.properties in notepad

          4) Locate the line that starts db.user.passwd.encrypted=

          5) Remove the .encrypted from this line, and replace the hash value with the plaintext password for the account. So if the password for your account is "epopassword", you would change (for example)


          db.user.passwd.encrypted=FQANz0jpMj9G7l0sxzIJhPdtTLm/pkvcaQRKArnHJMNYk4CgR4vSemL NzC8uZbR9






          6) Save the changes to db.properties

          7) Start the ePO services again.


          If all goes well ePO will be able to connect to the database again and you should be able to log in. If you check db.properties, the plaintext password should have been replaced by the new hash value.


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