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    SQL database server down time?

    Richard Carpenter

      Hi all.


      We are using ePO 4.0P6 with a remote clustered 2008 SQL server.  The clustered server uses SAN attached storage and we upgrading our SAN firmware due to an incompatability between the SAN firmware and VMWare infrastructer 4.  This requires us to shut down the remote SQL server for about 6 hours.


      Apart from the obvious fact that the application sevrer will not be able to write to the database, can anyone think of any problems which might occur when the database is unavailable?


      We are using distributed repositories on server at two of our other datacenters, and the HTTP and FTP failover repositories are enabled.


      Will the daily DAT updates still be Pulled from McAfee into the Master repository and replicated, or will all these tasks fail based on the fact that the DB will be unavailable?


      Thanks in advance?