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    Vscan for Mac not installing automatically via ePO - I have to modify the task + do an agent wakeup




      I have a problem with Macs not initiating the task to install Vscan for Mac.


      I have ePO 4.5.753 (awaiting re-posting of patch 2/3)


      The Mac support staff install the agent on Macs when they set them up and then the Macs are supposed to connect to the ePO server and install Vscan for Mac


      At the Mac group (sorted by tag- Mac OSX)  I have two tasks- one to install VScan (run immediately) and another to do a dat/engine/patch upgrade (run daily).


      My macs appear in ePO, but it seems that i have to modify the policy (just slightly) and wakeup the client to get it to kick off the task.


      The support guys aren't too happy as they sit and wait for it to install and end up having to call me to ask why its not installing.


      Does anyone have any ideas as to why this is happening or is there  a command line option to force the task scheduler to restart from the machine in hope that the support guys can manually kick off the process?


      I attach a log file of the agent log.


      at 13:00 I changed the policy and then did a agent wakup and task update. And it then restarts the task scheduler and starts installing.





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