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    Log files on Macs




      Not very familiar with Macs at all and I don't have one to hand. But is there an on-access /or deteciton logs similar to what you have on windows machines?


      One of our support guys has asked as someone is reporting problems on his Mac with Adobe products and he wanted to check if anything is being blocked at all.


      Running installed from ePO





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          I've spoken to Tech Support about this and they've said that they will document how to enable and view these logs. Once this happens we can create a Knowledgebase article covering this.





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            Thanks Rod,


            If possible i would appreciate if you could update this post with the article when its been posted to the KB.





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              Sudeep Garg

              For AV and Application Protection: /var/log/McAfeeSecurity.log

              For Firewall: /var/log/appfirewall.log


              To enable debug logging:

              - Edit /etc/syslog.conf
              - There is line towards end saying "local7.info            /var/log/McAfeeSecurity.log"
              - Replace ".info" with a ".*"
              - save the file and then restart the Machine
              - You should see debug messages in the McAfeeSecurity.log file.



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