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    How can I exclude files and folders on AT&T Internet Security Suite Powered by McAfee?

      I subscribe to a Business DSL Service from AT&T.  As part of my subscription, I installed the AT&T Internet Security Suite Powered by McAfee which consists of a suite of McAfee products/modules including VirusScan, Personal Firewall, Security Center, Site Advisor, and Easy Network.  Please refer to the attached PDF document for screenshots reflecting the versions for each module.


      VirusScan or one of the McAfee modules is automatically deleting a specific executable for a key business application, every time the application is invoked without any prompts or warnings.  I would like to do one or all of the following:

      1. Specify an Exclusion for the folder hosting my business application and/or the specific executable file using explicit path
      2. Configure the McAfee Suite to prompt me before taking any invasive action like deleting a file
      3. Explicitly Mark the Executable as Safe


      I was able to locate the UI for specifying the Default locations to be scanned, but it does not allow me to drill down to specific files or folders (screenshot included in the attached document).


      I have already spent several hours with ATT Support with no luck.  Can someone please provide a solution?  I like the protection provided by the product, but can't afford loss of key business functions due to a potential inefficiency of the product.  Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated.