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    Popup Spyware Issue-Need Help

      I have seen over the last few days a lot of popups have occurred on my computer.  In addition, my computer seems to be running really slow.  Here are a few popup sites that have occurred on my computer today.  BTW-I also cleared my history and cookies and this did not help.







      Any suggestions would help.



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          It certainly sounsd like something suspicoous is going on. Please follow this document and let us know the results.


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            I had a similar problem that targeted American Express web site on Internet Explorer and FireFox. (Not Google Chrome or Safari)  It injected an "Authorization Required" popup javascript in the American Express Web page after logging on that requested a bunch of personal information.  McAfee or MalwareBytes did not detect it.  I ran msconfig and found a startup item in my Application Data.  I rename the file and problem was fixed.  (D:\\Documents and Settings\\userid\\Application Data\\Iftaec\\ohvy.exe)





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