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    deleting objects to free up license

      Hi all;


      Okay, like the last week, I do an open discussion about the synchronisation of password with Novell. This problem was resolved.


      For this week, another question/problem is open to all McAfee gurus.


      I do a lot of testings with that product. I have a 5 objects license (for the testing purposes). I need to create a user but prior of that, deleting objects in manager to free up a license and be able to create that new user. See that like recycling license by replacing an object (user/computer) by another. For the moment all I have is: E012 error codes for Endpoint Encryption for PC 5.x


      I do some research in the knowledge base about how to free up license and I find that:




      The following error occurs in the Endpoint Encryption Administrator when try to either create a new user or add a computer:

      ERROR: License count exceeded [e0120004]



      The number of available licenses for this object has been exceeded.




      One of the following actions is required:

      • Existing objects need to be removed in order to free up licenses.

      • Contact your McAfee Endpoint Encryption representative to purchase additional licenses


      Okay, no problem with that, I permanently deleted a user (before doind that, I disable the client on that computer).


      I check the license information on the manager and get that:

      [SafeBoot License Information File]


      Database ID     : 9658674f
      Created on      : 09/28/09 07:42:02
      Max users       : 4 (max 0)
      Max machines    : 4 (max 0)
      Max CE machines : 0 (max 0)
      Addons          : 00000000 ()


      Current licenses:


      CID = 05afeb00, INV = 000013f6, USR = 20, MCH = 20, CE  = 20, PPC  = 20, Symbian  = 20, EXP = 30 days, EXCL = Yes, ADD = 000003ef


      Q1: The license was expired or what? (EXP = 30 days)

      Q2: Why the permanently deleted object does'nt free up one license to add that user?


      Thanx to all, your knowledge is important to understand the way it works...


      Rejean Houle (c8

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          Your licence was only valid for 30 days after the creation of the database, since that was 28th September 2009, you now are not licenced to use the product.


          So, you must now purchase a full perpetual licence, or another 30 days of use, however you are buying the product.


          You are using it at the moment without a valid licence.


          Deleting things does not give you the "right" to use the product unfortunately. It would if your licence was valid, but, it's not ;-)

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            You can though still remove encryption on PC's registered with expired database.

            Then you can start another trial and test for another 30-days.

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              I forgot to add - you didnt get a licence at all - looking at your info, that's the evaluation licence you get when you download the product.


              So, either you bought a licence, but forgot to activate it in your EEM, or you've been using the product without buying it since September 2009


              Would you like me to get our sales team to contact you ?