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    VirusScan Command Line Scanner V6.0.3 will be posting shortly.


      McAfee will be posting an update for the VirusScan Command Line Scanner today. This will be V6.0.3

      This posting addresses the following issues:


      Unix versions:

      The --one-file-system switch now works as expected.

      The --ignore-links switch now works as expected.

      The product now functions correctly when installed on HP-UX V11.00


      Windows version:

      The /BADLIST switch no longer generates an empty file when no detections occur.


      Both Unix and Windows versions:

      The reporting results of files and directories scanned has been improved for languages that use non-latin character sets to maintain in the report the language defined by the OS wherever possible.

      This behaviour can be modified back where required by using a new switch (--ascii for Unix, /ASCII for Windows).


      Please note that although it's an update, this is effectively a full version release and can be installed as such.

      The release will be available from the McAfee downloads site, with a valid Grant ID.