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    "system not protected" at Windows start - McAfee SystemGuard set to "manual"



      Noticed a glitch on the XPS 8100 today -- when powering on the system, it was a bit slow to load all processed in the system tray (although I did get a prompt McAfee icon), and I received notification from the system tray icon (yellow exclamation point) and opened the GUI to see the dreaded "red X". (This happened only once before on this system since I purchased it 4 months ago, & appeared to be a fluke that time.)


      "Fix it" did fix everything, so, yes, now "I am protected.

      However, when I checked services.msc, I noticed that the SystemGuard service was running, but set to *manual*.  All other McAfee services were & are started and were set to *automatic*.


      I assume all McAfee services should be set to *automatic*, so I have no idea how or why SystemGuard had been reset to *manual*.


      Before I reboot the system to test this, I thought I might check with you all to confirm that SystemGuard should, in fact, be set to automatic (as opposed to "automatic (delayed start)" or "manual").


      Thanks in advance,



      PS Current software is the Dell "2009" bundled OEM versions of McAfee: SC 9.15.179; VS 13.15.117 (DAT 6013, dated 6/14/2010 -- haven't received DAT 6014 yet), engine 5400.1158; PF 10.15.106; AS 10.15.106; PC 11.15.102).

      Also running MBAM 1.46 PRO (active protection) and SuperAntiSpyware Free (on-demand scan only), WinPatrol (manual start).

      Have had no conflicts, crashes or other issues with this configuration, and everything (including Windows 7 and IE8) is fully patched.

      System is clean.