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    ERROR: No packages found, -1 (Pull task with all packages selected is failing)

      Hello all McAfee community!

      We have a problem with our ePO server.

      Indeed, there is now way to update it since this week (after a restart)

      There are no error message in the ePO interface but in the server.log there is this error :


      E#216DALCOM Error :80004005 in  CConxIndex::CConxIndex
      E#216DALDAL Meaning = Unspecified error
      E#216DALSource = Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server
      E#216DALDescription = [DBNETLIB][ConnectionOpen (Connect()).]SQL  Server does not exist or access denied.
      E#216DALCConxIndex::CConxIndex - giving up retrying  connection.
      E#216ServLiteFindServerInfo error -1
      E#216EPOServerInitialize Licensing Failed
      E#216mod_epoFailed to start naimserv module
      E#216mod_epoInitialize epo handler failed


      And in the EpoApSvr.log there is another :


      I#3160usermgrCurrent user: SYSTEM
      E#3160DALCOM Error :80004005 in  CConxIndex::CConxIndex
      E#3160DALDAL Meaning = Unspecified error
      E#3160DALSource = Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server
      E#3160DALDescription = [DBNETLIB][ConnectionOpen (Connect()).]SQL  Server does not exist or access denied


      We have found that the McAfee KB51620 says that we have to reconfigure the network port of the database access.

      But in the SQL Server Configuration Manager, we have no trace of the ePO database.



      Is there any way to correct this?


      Many thanks!


      Note : we have other databases on this server.