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    Incorrect reported version

      Hello All,


      Could anyone can help me.


      I own in my company an EPO 4.5 global server with Viruscan Mcafee 8.7.0 patch 3 inside.

      I don't want to upgrade by mcafee EPO the client (We use a packaging software for this)

      After a while, we have this problem :


      When we look into Mcafee EPO Statistics, the server says that More than 80% of all pcs have

      Patch 3 installed and when we are looking inside computers, PCs still stay in patch 2.So, there is wrong

      informations into EPO server.But when we are looking the "More' information into EPO server, patchs is in 2 and

      Hotfix is in 2. On the Resume Page, it's in 3. It's weird,  no ?


      Is anyone have the same problem ? Did someone resolved it ?


      Thanks in advance