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    Never ending problems continue


      A number of people have helped me on these forums before and may remember some of my many problems since recieving my new computer with Mcafee installed.Athough i have had the computer over 6 months now,I am still having problems.The Major problems starting with the April update.A while back i asked about a 10. address that came back to IANA.org Black hole that i could not block.I never recieved an explanation that i thought made sense,but i figured to leave those answers to someone who probabley knows alot more than myself.After That Mcafee said i was protected and Windows said you are not protected.I was told that "sometimes windows takes a while to catch up" Again i Knew that i never saw My Windows Action center with everything off after logging on,while Mcafee says i an fully protected.Now the problems.As you can see here something is not right.

      Capture 1.PNGI should add that i have internet access.

      Also a problem here with Mcafee system gaurds?


      prob rep.PNG

      This is very frustrateing to constantly have on going problems with Mcafee.Over the last few months I have lost track of all the problems,uninstall and reinstalls and many other things i have encountered.This is a fairly new system & I am very cautious about the sites i visit.As a matter of fact i don`t even spend more then a half hour a day on line most of the time.To make matters worse i just went through the Site advisor problems.I often read site advisor reviews and scores.Now there are no reviews for the site advisor sites(which i am sure Mcafee is aware of) Can anyone please help me to fix this once and for all.I have been through everything.Including tech support,reinstalls,MVT,the forums,ect.I can`t understand why this is like splitting atoms.                                             Any help would be greatly appreciated




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          Any one??Along with the above i also have a question about this item. was traced by me to a China network.As i am having dns problems according to the above image.Can anyone tell me about what this image means and who am i to report this to?This is ot my server.





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            Any advice would be great.I can`t even think about going through tech support again.There is no possible way they would even understand what i am talking about.As this has been an ongoing problem from the very start.A while back i had a problem with a 10. # that my provider said was not in there data base after Mcafee said it was my provider.Now i have these other problems.My connection is working but, does anyone know what this message is and why my dns is haven problems.

                                                                                                                                                       Thanks Jack

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              Peter M

              You'll be upgrading to the 2010 product soon enough so Systemguards will be a thing of the past, however if Windows wants to report something to Microsoft (who in some cases would then forward it to McAfee possibly) then I see no harm in that.   Things fail for whatever reason and Windows sends error reports, that is good.


              That last image you posted, is that from Incoming Events?  I'm having to go from memory because none of my machines has 2009 left onboard.  If so you can safely ignore that as those are all failed attempts at getting past your firewall and are there for your information only.



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                Hey ex-brit,

                             First thanks for responding.Yes that is correct the last image is from 2009 inbound.I was wondering because that is not my isp & it said you may want to consider reporting.Also i was more concerned with the dns in the 1st image.I doubt you remember because you answer so many questions.But a few months back if you recall i had problem with a 10.# that came back as IANA-Blackhole 1 server?That is a whole  differant problem & never really recieved a concrete answer for from my provider or Mcafee. Would you know of a quick fix for this.I am not to sure how much of a problem this is.                                                             Thanks for your time,


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                  Peter M

                  That Windows Error Reporting/Network issue, whether or not connected with McAfee, would be best dealt with on a Windows troubleshooting forum I imagine.


                  If you are concerned about what's going on in your machine download Hijackthis and post its log on one of the following forums


                  DOWNLOAD HIJACKTHIS



                  Do not post Hijackthis logs here, we can't help with  those!



                  Post the logs at a specialist Forum:



                  AUMHA FORUM






                  MAJOR GEEKS FORUM



                  MALWAREBYTES FORUM



                  MALWARE REMOVAL FORUM



                  SPYWAREHAMMER FORUM



                  SPYWARE INFO FORUM



                  WHAT THE TECH FORUM



                  Be sure to read all the sticky announcements/instructions at the top of each malware forum!

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                            Thanks for all the suggestions.I guess i will give this a try.I am still not feeling confident enough with the safety of my computer after all of the problems i have had with Mcafee.I would be a bit more understanding if my computer was older and i was not so cafeful on the internet.I have thought of doing this though as i feel tech support has been dancing around my questions.              thanks again Jack

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                      Peter M

                      Well I wish you good luck.