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    Sync Failover question - Your suggestions pls.



      We have two EEM servers MEEProd1 and MEEProd2. MEEProd1 is the active EEM server. MEEProd2, was used just incase if the primary server dies. We can take the backedup copy of the object directory and bring MEEProd2 to production. All the clients have MEEProd1 and MEEProd2 selected. Clients always communicate to MEEProd1. Unfortunately, when MEEProd2 was brought back (database was marked to start automatic) and the server came back for a brief period. During this time, MEEProd1 had a CPU max utilization so some of the new endpoint deployments got registered in MEEProd2.


      Now my question is :


      If a endpoint named "laptopsfhr" (registered with MEEProd2) was not able to connect to MEEProd2, will it connect to back MEEProd1 and get registered as laptopsfhr001? (The SDMCFG.ini has Database1 as MEEProd1 and Database2 as MEEProd2)


      If laptopsfhr, does not failback, is there is a way to move all the registered laptop (objects) to MEEProd1?


      how difficult is this process? Pls advise.