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    Where is DAT 6014?

      It is now after 6 PM local time, and 2 manual update checks within the hour confirm that my MSC is "up to date".

      Current installed DAT is 6013 (6/14/2010) on my system running OEM bundled "2009" versions of MSC.


      Updates normally become available between noon and 4 PM daily.


      Is today's DAT late, or is there no update forthcoming today?


      Not panicking, just wondering why the delay....?

      Has anyone gotten DAT 6014 yet especially here in US?





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          Mine was at 6012 all day and only just now updated to 6013 so not sure if 6014 has actually gone out yet.  I know it's showing on the Enterprise download pages but that doesn't mean it has been released generally yet.


          It'll arrive sooner or later.