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      If EEPC install set was created with 5.2.0 client files, does the SBADMCL tool have use the same version?  The client is at 5.2.0 and EEM is at 5.2.4.

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          not really, though it helps. As long as you stick to the same minor version, 5.2.x etc it will be fine.

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            Where are you going to run SBADMCL? On Client or Server? You should match the same version that is locally installed. So 5.2.0 on Client and 5.2.4 on Server. Unless for whatever reason you prefer to keep non-matching versions?

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              We're trying to run sbadmcl for autoboot on the client.  We get the  following error:


              Executable version:

              Dll  version:


              >>>>Connecting to  "Safeboot Database"

              >>This application (SBADMDLL) is not  licensed for this database


              Connection results:


              ResultCode:   0xe120001

              ResultDescription: License Invalid




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                I've run a sbadmcl command on EEM with no issues.

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                  Can you get full list of client modules?

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                    not sure how knowing the modules would help?


                    there are a couple of possible reasons for "licence invalid"


                    a) your bought the product without a licence for the scripting API (check the licence information in SBAdmin/EEM - it will tell you if SBAdmcl is licenced in the addons list)


                    b) your licence has expired - perhaps you are trying to connect to a db running an eval licence, and the db is more than 30 days old?


                    Either way, the licence info screen in EEM/SBAdmin will tell you.

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                      But he said:

                      I've run a sbadmcl command on EEM with no issues.

                      Does license flag is not honored then, if SBADMCL is run on EEM server?

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                        The licence is always checked by SBAdmCL when running database side commands.


                        All I can think of is that the copy he is running is connecting to a database where the license is expired, perhaps an evaluation db etc.

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                          If an EEPC installation set was created before sbadmcl was added to the license, can you add the three sbadmcl files to the encrypted machine after sbadmcl has been added to the license?

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