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    Discussions on Version 10

      I have been a loyal and dedicated McAfee user now for some 15 years.  I have had problems and these problems have been sorted out by McAfee; until now.


      There are numerous discussions on here about the security centre, networking, scan time and boot up time and I would no like to add my piece.


      I have 2 computers, a desktop running XP Home and a laptop running Vista Home Premium.  When I initially received the V10 update I had a problem which resulted in me contacting customer supprt, Global technicians, in India (something that I did not know about).  Their response to me was "did you uninstall the original program first?".  The answer to this was no as it was an auto update.  "Oh you should have done this" was their reply. What then is the point of the auto update?  However I did as they suggested and hey presto, I worked; to a point.  I was now able to investigate the update and low and behold what do I have.


      1.  A network item that is unidentified.  A printer that I changed the details to and classed as a printer.  What happened?  it changed back to an unidentified item and McAfee recommended that I install their software on it.  On a printer?


      2.  The bootup time on my desktop has increased by nearly 90 seconds.


      3.  The scan time has incrreased by about 100%.


      Onto the technicians again mainly for the networking problem but the other two were mentioned.  They tried to fix it but were unsucecessful.  McAfee do have a fix for this now but are not releasing it until 2011.  This is what I consider appaulling and they are not looking after their customers.  We have a product that we have paid for now and it should be working now, not to be fixed in 2011. (The do have a registry key though that will remove the up-sell from it.  A little pointless I believe.


      I have made a complaint and I had a Tier III technician contact me and quite a few emailss were exchanged.  An earlier email informed me that they new of the problem but were not repairing it until 2011 but he had a registry key that would fix the problem (the key mentioned earlier).  It does not fix the problem only removes th up-sell.


      I have taken my compaint even further with customer services.  They are aware that I am more than unappy and they have offered me a refund or discount on my product on renewal of my subscription.  However, they want me to contact their technicians again about the other two problems.  I am obviously not happy with this as I consider the technicians at Global are next to useless and am requesting a McAfee technician contacts me rather that a sub contracted one.  Over to McAfee.


      You are not alone guys and gals with the problems I have mentioned.  I am yet another.  So come you people.  Get onto McAfee directly.  Lets get these issues sorted once and for all.