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    scam phonecall regarding errors and virus

      im not sure where i should post this so im sorry if its in the wrong place..


      this morning i received a phonecall on the landline from am indian man who said he was calling from computer services and told me my pc was sending out severe virus warnings ... luckily i had read about this sort of thing recently, so straight away thought it was suspicious...


      i asked him the name of the infected computer, as we have three, he couldnt answer... he then said they are all infected and wanted me to fire up my computer and goto there website. . he was telling me he could fix my pc remotely and could install mcafee protection.... 

      if he had any sort of connection to my laptop he would already see that i have mcafee and am fully protected..

      i told him to call back, when he did i told him that bt were tracing the call and the police were recording it, he then hung up...


      my concern is how did he get my number????   i dont even know what it is lol..... is it just a random thing that they try with everybody??

      i scanned with mcafee and spybot and nothing was found, sooooo im sure im safe.


      the  company he claimed to represent was comstep, calling on behalf of microsoft...


      im in the uk, does anybody know how i can report this?

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          Peter M



          Thanks for reporting this but there's little we can do except make note of it.  You should be Googling UK phone scams or something similar or perhaps checking with your local Police, they can, I'm sure, advise you what to do.


          I came across this - http://uk.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20080721133327AAaMX6M


          A good job you twigged what it was and who knows how they got your number but they probably randomly dialed it using a robot dialer.  For every 100 people who realize it's a scam there will be at least 1 fool who says "tell me more".


          For anyone reading this.....avoid such approaches whether they be by phone, email, private message or whatever means.  Think "how the heck do they know what's on my machine?" - well they don't (yet) so there's your answer.





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            Peter M

            I did a bit more searching and it dawned on me that you should also ask your phone company what to do with scam calls, most companies have a call blocking service.


            I came across this Virgin users page here: http://whocallsme.com/Phone-Number.aspx/02033188706/2 which mentions Comstep & gives a link to the Government's Scam Site:  https://secure.consumerdirect.gov.uk/reportascam.aspx



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              hey thanks for the quick reply.... i did a bit of googling and found quite a few people who have had the same problem, alot have even been conned out of 185 pounds and other high amounts, the company also seems to have changed its name a few times over the past month...


              im going to contact the online fraud people and think it may be worth contacting bbc watchdog as a few other people have done the same thing..

              ive also decided to contact bt, as we have had various people phoning us up over the past month and are curious as to how people are getting the number... we dont use the phone, only for the internet and im pretty sure nobody in my house even knows what the number is lol....


              i guess i was one of the lucky ones and hopefully somebody will read my post and be ready if it happens to them... afterall, the only reason i knew it was a scam was because i had read it somewhere on a forum, little did i know i would become there next target.....


              thanks once again for your response

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                Peter M

                Well good luck!!   I know we get exactly the same pests here in Canada.  All the best.