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    Urgent - Windows 7 Driver needed for encrypted file recovery



      I have windows 7 x64 running on a compaq/hp laptop. Or at least I did, until this morning.

      When I boot I now get a nasty blue screen stop error saying "knowndll files can not be verified" or something along those lines.

      Could be anything, service pack, product update, however without getting into the OS I will never know.


      I have a lot of information on the machine I want to save, but McAfee encryption is actually stopping me from doing anything useful in this occurence.


      My main problem is, when I try to boot into system recover/repair windows can not see the operating system on the drive, as there is no mcafee encryption driver in which to interface to the drive. Windows just sees a disk that has an incompatible file system on it, so my only real choice without a specific driver at this point is to format and start again, which I do not want to do. Is there a McAfee encryption driver available as a download so I can load it into system repair, so windows can at least read from the drive? Much like the way there are legacy drivers to interface with SCSI devices or RAID controllers etc.


      I still get asked to input my credentials on initial boot, so I'm assuming the key is still on the drive, valid and is verified. It looks as if safeboot / mcafee encryption is still working but it's stopping me for recovering any files. Please help.





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          Can you describe the exact problem you are having, and which of McAfee's products you are using?


          Are you your companies helpdesk? If not, have you spoken to them?

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            No I'm not part of the company's helpdesk, just a lowly user.

            I believe we are using McAfee Endpoint Encryption version 6.


            The exact problem... ok i'll try and rephrase it but I thought I did quite a good job last time round.

            When I start the computer I get a stop error saying a check on valid DLL files has failed and the OS fails to boot.

            This is the same for Safe Mode, Last known good, anything like that which could be potentially useful with an F8 @ boot.

            Unsure of exactly why this has happened, could be a service pack, a hotfix, a product update but without being able to get into the OS I'll never know.


            When booting the machine and going into the native support/fix/repair mode, Win 7 has no way of understanding the encrypted file system on the drive so just plain reports no OS to be present. I'm after a driver to interface with the encrypted file system, from McAfee, to read the encrypted partition and install to another directory. Much like a driver you'd inject/install to understand a RAID controller or something not natively supported. Obviously windows has the driver embedded into it at boot, as it wouldn't boot at all without it, but the repair process does not.


            I've been informed by McAfee tech support there is a way to generate a disk to do this and rescue the MBR from the Safeboot/McAfee endpoint encryption server.

            I'd need a copy of this disk and a copy of the encryption key I generated when installing the product onto my laptop.

            Problem is in this case the company I work informs me the IT department will only do this for Vice President level and above... which er, isn't me.


            So I guess I'm stuffed to be honest.

            I have no option other than to install win 7 directly over a formatted partition, can't even install it to a new directory on the same disk as it sees no valid file system on the drive.

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              Tough position to be in. If your IT department does not want you recovering your machine, that's nasty.


              Yes, you could use a WinPE/BartPE disk with the driver on it, and a tool we provide called EETech to solve this pretty simply, but if your IT department are not willing to give you the disk, or even the key, then as you say, you are out of luck.



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                You need to work it out with your IT support.

                What you need is machine export information, McAfee EEPC recovery daily code, EETech (or WinTech) bootable CD/DVD. But most of all you need knowledge EEPC product and experience in performing recoveries. If you don't, there is high chance to loose data on your encrypted disk.

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                  Hey Guys,


                  To follow on from this, I have eetech loaded in a WINPE boot disk and all works fine,  My question is can you run WIN 7 repair disks etc (if loaded into your WINPE boot disk) once the eetech has authenticated.


                  eg - do you need to decrypt first or just authorize.


                  Our situation is we have a PC where the PBA is fine,  but windows startup files etc have gone bad and need to be repaired.



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                    I would say depends it's recomended to remove/decrypt the disk..

                    Restoring OS will move/modify EEPC system driver and other important configuration in other word it's will break your EEPC. 

                    Unless it's only fixed like copy few windows dll file etc..


                    if you know which dll file need to replace or certain configuration that need to be changed.. doing it after authorize & authenticate should be fine.