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    Change EPO Server ip

      Hi to all!


      I had need to change the ip of my Epo 4.0 server. After this operation, all the clients say in the agent log: Error in communication with the epo server, even if the dat are updated, but the policies of virusscan enterprise 8.7 are not updated. in the epo console, the description of any client is stopped at the day i switched the ip of the epo server, and, even if i deploy the new agent to all clients, the communication problem still remains.


      Can anyone help me?


      Thanks to all

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          first off check the siteinfo.ini file on the epo server has the new IP in it, this should have been rebuilt after you restarted the epo services following the ip change.

          do the workstations have DNS to the epo server? the following should have happened after you reset the IP:


          The computers with an existing agent installed will attempt to  connect back to the ePO server using the following order:


          1. IP address
          2. DNS
          3. Netbios


          NOTE: The agent will attempt to connect  to the ePO server 6 times, using the IP address - successfully connect  to the server once it uses DNS. At this point the agent will download an  updated SiteList.xml file and connect successfully  thereafter using the new IP address.

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            Thaks for replay........


            The siteinfo.ini is correct with new ip and new dns. The workstations resolve the server dns,but, at every contact, the agent log says: "error in communication with the epo server"

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              you havnt changed the agent to server port?

              also check the security keys and make sure they are using the right one as master

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                Richard Carpenter

                Hi AxelFoley.


                We have had to change out ePO Server IP address several times due to subnet readdressing, Moving the VM server between HS'a and GeoLAN's


                I have followed McAFee KB51529 each time with no problems




                Hope this helps





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                  Hi to all!


                  I discovered that the problem was in a group of ports closed in the firewall, so, the clients were updated, but the log always said that error. Once opened the ports, everything works fine.