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    Link re-direct HELL

      If I may be sold bold as to assume I am speaking for a few of us, I would like to state that this re-direct issue is an inconvienience but not a total meltdown virus.  The parallel point though, is that we are very worried that this supposed 'mild' virus will import or conceal something that will glean our banking information, and subsequently, empty our bank accounts.


      THAT is very much a major concern to us.


      Can anyone give any kind of overview on this?


      Using many of the anti-virus programs, including McAfee, many of us have found and erradicated many trojans and virii, and on subsequent scans have found nothing.  Are we "...probably....* protected from phishing?    To put it another way,  Can we feel safe from phishing if we come up clean with a few of these free services? (even though the re-direct is still there).