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    How to cancel a subscription to 3-User McAfee Total Protection?



      A year ago I purchased a 3-User McAfee Total Protection package.
      It is has been automatically renewed (edited copy below).


      I wish to cancel this subscription, but cannot find any way of doing it on the website.
      I am in Australia and do not want to phone.




      Automatic Renewal Notification

      From: subscription@mcafee.com
      To: xxxx@xxxx.com.au
      Subject: Automatic Renewal Notification


      Dear Leigh,   
      Your McAfee® security subscription has been successfully renewed using the payment
      information we have on file. You can enjoy another year of safety whenever you use your
      computer and go online.
              BONUS! With your McAfee Total Protection subscription renewal, you now
      receive McAfee Anti-Theft File Protection for FREE!


      To download McAfee Anti-Theft, simply login to your McAfee account here
      and select Download/Install:


      McAfee Anti-Theft provides easy-to-use protection for your financial
      documents and other important files at home or work against thieves and
      hackers. It also allows you to keep sensitive files private even if you share a PC.


      Learn more


      Name: Leigh Wardle
          Order #:Â CSxxxxxxxx
          Date:Â Monday, June 14, 2010


      3-User McAfee Total Protection : $79.99(USD)
              McAfee Anti-Theft : $.00(USD)
              Total Tax      :Â -Total Price     :Â $79.99
      We know your loyalty depends on our ability to provide you with the best and most innovative
      security products on the market. Thank you for being a McAfee customer and the opportunity to
      serve you for another year.


      McAfee Team


      P.S. If you wish to cancel your subscription, McAfee can refund only if cancellation is
      within 60 days of this renewal notice.


      To contact McAfee Customer Support, visit www.mcafeehelp.com and select your
      country or language.


      Concerned about computer security and ID theft? Get advice from McAfee at
      http://us.mcafee.com/root/identitytheft.asp?cid=28014. Articles, tutorials, tips, and more!


      This message is being sent from:  McAfee, Inc, McAfee Security S.a.r.l. (Europe), McAfee Co., Ltd. (Japan).



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          The quickest way is to phone and it's a free call and the toll-free number is in Australia:


          To speak with a Customer Service representative, call 1800 998 887. You may be asked for your registered email address and order number. Telephone charges may apply.
          Estimated wait time: 5 minutes
          Hours of Operation: Available 24x7


          Other than that Online Chat is your best bet:  http://service.mcafee.com/LocaleSelect.aspx?lc=3081&sg=CS&pt=1&st=CHAT


          I don't recommend email because it takes forever.


          Sorry but we can't deal with account matters here.


          (The "Telephone Charges May Apply" bit is there because it all depends how (Mobile/Cell, public phone or regular phone?) or where you are calling from...(hotel room, they may charge for all calls)



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            Thanks, Peter, for the advice to ring customer support.


            They arranged for the automatic renewal to be cancelled and for my payment to be refunded.


            I seriously believe that McAfee is unethical in the way it handles automatic renewal.


            When I purchased 3-User McAfee Total Protection for the first time a year ago, this is the confirmation I got:


            Dear  Leigh,

            Thank you for your McAfee purchase.

            Information about your purchase can be found by accessing My Account Info at: http://us.mcafee.com/root/dashboard.asp?affid=0

            Please save this email as a confirmation of your purchase.

            Bonus! Free McAfee Anti-Theft ($29.99 value) with your McAfee Total Protection purchase




            Name: Leigh Wardle

                            Order #: CSxxxxxx

            Date: Friday, June 12, 2009


            3-User McAfee Total Protection 1-year subscription: 79.99 (USD)

            McAfee Anti-Theft File Protection product download: 0.00 (USD)

            Tax: —

            Discount: 30.00 (USD)

            Total Price: 49.99 (USD)

            Please note that unless you order McAfee Extended Download Service, your download link may be active for only 30 days after your purchase date. This service gives you 12 months of access to your McAfee software. This is an ideal back-up plan in the event your system crashes or an operator error occurs.


            Refund policy: We will provide you

            a full refund, if your cancellation is within

            the first 30 days of the date in the Confirmation Receipt above.



            Order Bonus:


            Click the link below for the McAfee SiteAdvisor free download



            For questions about your purchase and/or other support needs, please visit http://us.mcafee.com/root/redirects/Support.asp



            Update and review your account information by clicking

            on the "My Account Info" link located at the upper

            right-hand corner of every McAfee Web page.


            Thank you,

            McAfee Customer Support   


            This message is being sent from: McAfee, Inc, McAfee Ireland Holdings Ltd (Europe), McAfee Co., Ltd. (Japan).


            There is no mention of automatic renewal in that email, or in "My Account Info".




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              I agree it could be made clearer.   It's unfortunately a policy with many software companies these days.   If you click that link to go to your account you'll see on the left there is a link to your automatic renewal settings, but many people wouldn't necessarily notice it I suppose.



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                Sorry, Peter, I did not see the automatic renewal settings link in my account.


                Regards, Leigh

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                  They could point that out in the terms that you posted though, so I agree they are obscure.  Anyway, good luck ;-)