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    Renew your McAfee

      A few months ago I had a problem with McAfee Internet Security 10.

      I contacted McAfee Help Desk by phone in March, we follow a series of testing with no success whatsoever due to several issues reported in all protocols that were openned.

      Later then I had received a McAfee 24-month Free Renewal Offer by May but at the same time I have completed my 3-user license renew done by my credit card.

      This situation took me to call and contact back the McAfee Support Services by 14-JUN in order to explain the situation and request for a refund.

      Unfortunatelly this week I saw my PCs McAfee logo to display an " ! " inside the McAfee logo located close by the PC clock icon on the right hand side of the display;I then click and there was a message " Renew your McAfee" as it license was expired . You have no protection.

      However, McAfee employee on the phone a month ago had renew it and took care of the refund to my credit card account.

      Very disapointing.

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          Could you send me a private message with the email address that was used to register your McAfee products renewal. Please do not post the email address here due to security reasons.


          Dinesh K
          McAfee Online Community Moderator

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            Hi There, how can I private reply from this tool. Not sure if I have your e-mail address.

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              To send Dinz a private message, click on his Avatar emblem and then look to your right on the page where it says to send a private message and you can contact him from there.

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                I have responded to you privately with my e-mail address.

                However, your response did not arrived yet.

                I have faced the message on my PC Mcafee as your program is at risk, informing the program license would expire on 14-JULY.

                Today, the program is not operational.

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                  Hi ,

                  Verifying your records , there exists two mcafee products, One that is refunded and the other , an active one (McAfee Internet security)
                  Run the mcafee removal tool from this link :
                  mcpr (this will remove all existing mcafee products) & restart the computer.
                  Login to account page from here :
                  http://us.mcafee.com/root/login.asp  and reinstall McAfee internet security suite you should be alright .


                  I’m on the top of this one, Let me know if any concerns


                  Dinesh K
                  McAfee Online Community Moderator

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                    Yes, thanks for the information. The painfull message indeed stop showing around.


                    However the anti-spam tool bar on the MS Outook is where is supposed to be but no matter if I selected an new e-mail address to mark it as an spam, the same adddress arrives again and again with spam in my inbox and is not sent to the place where all spams are supposed to get in the inbox of MS Outlook....


                    Please access message posted by my user in the last few weeks mentioning this issue to confirm how happy I was with this new issue...