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    ARTEMIS false positive

      Hi everybody,

      can you help me to solve this false positive (Artemis!).
      I've sent to Mcafee (virus_research@avertlabs.com) these files a couple of times but false positive is still detected.
      All files comes from an accounting software, and I dont' want turn off Mc Afee when I working with it.
      LOADEXSE.EXE Artemis!9689FC4DDBEB
      SSP.EXE Artemis!B87CADD947F4
      770.EXE Artemis!FCF8C8647AA8
      GTT.EXE Artemis!3D74E044F16B
      IVA.EXE Artemis!6AC40C634D97
      thanks for your help.
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