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    Testing SAE+


      Is there a test that can be run to verify that File Download Enforcement is working on SAE+?

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          I had this same question and would like to find an answer. Is there a test site where I can check to see if the download ratings are working properly? I've tried EICAR.ORG, but those downloads come up green and are downloadable .


          Please respond and thanks if you do!

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            The only way to do this is by disabling any endpoint anti-virus software you may have running, then attempt to download an EICAR file. Be sure to enable the policy for SAE 3.0 download blocking first. Also, your experience may vary depending on what browser you are using. Internet Explorer responds correctly, but until SAE 3.0 Patch 2, Firefox doesn't allow SAE to block files, even with the feature enabled and policy set to block Red downloads.




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              Ben - I disabled VSE's scanning and then downloaded eicar.com onto the desktop of a machine that has IE7. SAE 3.0 on that machine has File Download Enforcement enabled. This suggests File Download Enforcment is not functioning. Am I correct?

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                I've also tried this and received the same results as schroec.


                I believe this is because eicar.org is actually a green site, so downloads are allowed from it. I didn't think SAE was sophisticated enough to actually scan the file before it's downloaded. I thought that it based its blocking of the file off of the websites actual rating.



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                  If file download enforcement is enabled, the download checking is done regardless of the site rating.

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                    We are working on a testing option. I'll post more when we have a solution.


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