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    Have Generic Prockill.a Trojan - What next steps should I take?

      I started getting the popups requesting signing up for the Virus Protection that indicates I have the Generic Prockill.a trojan.  I immediately ran McAfee on demand scan and it indicated the virus was deleted, but it is not.  I booted into SAFE mode with networking.  The other problem is that when booting into SAFE mode with networking, I cannot get onto any websites - the trojan must be blocking this. So  I downloaded Stinger from another computer, copied onto infected PC, then ran in both modes (Heuristic High and Very Hight), but still have virus. I have not clicked YES to install the trojan - should I click YES so the Trojan is fully loaded, then run STINGER again?  Frustrating - already I've spent (4) hours on this, thx for some more ideas