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    User Local Recovery


      we are using McAfee EEPC 5.2.x on 1000+ machines in around 100 groups. now after installation and running this machines we want to use LOCAL USER RECOVERY.


      as we were not using this option earlier now we have to select this option for each user.


      I know this can be done through SBADMCL script with (updateuserCFG command) but dont know what should i write in config.ini file


      can some one help me???  also would like if some one help me to set specific questions for local recovery...

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          sorry  - you can't enable that option using that API call (or any API call).


          only the options listed in the scripting user guide can be controlled. If it's not documented, it can't be.

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            UpdateUserCfg does not relate to self recovery, only to HelpDesk recovery.

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              thanks for quick reply


              Simon : its documented in scripting guide that user configuration can be update with the help of UPDATEUSERCFG command


              PETER : Let me ask my  question this way : Can I set users property LOCAL Recvoery enable and questions with scripting tool ...



              Do I need to set 1000 user's properties mannually or what should i do to make said changes ?



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                You can define self recovery properties at the user group level, then force it (Reset all to group configuration). All is in EEM.


                If you have 100 groups already in use, then you need to do this 100 times.

                No, you cannot use script to do that.


                UpdateUserCfg manipulates information fileds (labels) only:

                User Defined Labels (Information Fields)

                When a user is created several fields of information may be set to aid the helpdesk identify the user during the recovery process. For a full description of the use of these fields see Creating Users, and Recovering Users and Machines.





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                  yes, you can update >certain< parameters using updateusercfg - the ones which can be changed as the ones listed in the sample ini file.

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                    Thanks Simon,

                    Thanks Peter

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                      Hi Simon,


                      My customer using EEPC v. 5.2.x and would like to remove groups in selected users with SBADMCL to let worldwilde helpdesk team the capability to help travelers.

                      Could you tell me if it's possible to remove assigned groups with SBADMCL and the command UPDATEUSERCFG?

                      Where is the sample ini file you're taking about?


                      Thank you very much for your precious help!



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                        Remove groups of what? If its users from machines, it's the remove user command if I remember. All the commands and samples are in the sbadmcl scripting guide.

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                          Remove the gourps a user is able to manage...

                          then make all Help Desk users able to manage all users and not limited like today.

                          I'm searching a kind of

                          SetUserConfigToGroup ?!