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    https pages not working with new certificate.



      For my first post here I bring you a really weird problem.


      For a customer I have build a cluster of two 1100e appliances. App 1 is the master App 2 a node. At this point the master is also the CA. Because the CA is a selfsigned CA users are getting a warning when opening a https page through the appliance. The customer does not have a CA server in its network so I have to request a certificate at a trusted authority. I chose to request a 30 day free certificate first for testing. I did the following steps:


      - Make a CSR on the master (made a key file and put in a password at the csr dialog). I followed the manual on this one.

      - I uploaded the CSR file to a public CA and received my certificate.

      - On the appliance under certificate management I uploaded the certificate, key file and password.

      - The appliance accepted the certificate.

      - Rebooted the appliance.

      - After the reboot I checked the CA under certificate management and I got back a working validated certificate.


      My problem is that none of the https pages going trough the appliance are working. no error messages, just "page cannot be displayed". The https management page on the appliance is also not working any more. My second problem is that the node appliance copied the certificate from the master, which is signed to the master hostname not the node's. How do I prevent the node copying the certificate so I can upload a publicly signed one signed to its hostname?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.