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    VSE 8.7i - what outbound firewall rules to allow updates?

      I'm prototyping a workstation that will have all inbound AND outbound traffic blocked by firewall, except for specifically permitted applications and processes.  So far so good, but I cannot get the VSE 8.7 update process to work.  If I turn off outbound blocking, it works fine.  Turn it on, nothing, as you would expect.  Tried rules for permitting mcupdate.exe, mcconsol.exe, frameworkservice.exe, but so far no luck.  This is a Windows 7 Enterprise workstation, and Windows Firewall logging leaves a lot to be desired.  So, no way to see what specific applications are getting blocked.


      Can anyone tell me specifically what applications need to be unblocked in order for the update process to work?  Thank you.

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          I'm self answering this, but if anyone has any followup info or corrections, please let me know.


          Apparently, McAfee creates an executable on the fly called "mcscript_inuse.exe".  Allowing that process to have outbound connectivity allowed the update to successfully run.  The problem I had in troubleshooting was that Windows 7 firewall does not log blocked outbound connections.  And, when trying to create a rule, that file didn't exist so it couldn't be selected.





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            Hi there,


            Just to follow up on this - in Windows 7 x64 the path to mcscript_inuse.exe is "%ProgramFiles% (x86)\McAfee\Common Framework\McScript_InUse.exe".  I'd imagine that the path should be the same for 32-bit minus the "(x86)".  I'll give it a try on our 2008 R2 boxes to see if it behaves the same way - I know a few other posts were pointing to this one (that's how I found the question..... and an answer!!! )


            It seems to work for me, but as I had updated VSE earlier in the day prior to enabling the firewall, I'm not sure if other processes are involved in fetching the updates.


            Hope this helps.