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    AV Security Suite

      Hello I have mcafee 2009 and 2010 and a program called AV SECURITY SUITE says my computer is infected yet my mcafee program says my computer is fine i dont know how to get rid of this problem.

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          Visita la siguiente página: http://www.infomalwares.com/2010/06/07/av-security-suite.html

          Es catalogado como un Malware, McAfee lo detecta como una de las variantes del peligroso Fake Alert

          Puedes contactar con soporte Mcafee Directo en el siguiente número : 018005181006


          visita a  los laboratorios de McAfee https://www.webimmune.net/default.asp crea una cuenta y envia los archivos para analisis

          puedes utilizar otra página de referencia que te puede ayudar a eliminar este molesto ataque : http://www.411-spyware.com/remove-av-security-suite


          por ultimo, genera un extra Dat  desde McAfee para esa detección en la página Web de McAfee https://www.webimmune.net/extra/getextra.aspx


          Buena Suerte ..




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            Peter M

            If you don't understand Spanish and have Google toolbar installed clicking on that link will give you a translation option.


            Basically they are recommending you use the free version of Malwarebytes.  Update it before running and let it remove anything it finds and reboot immediately if asked to.


            No antivirus will catch everything out there unfortunately.  MBAM is broad-based anti-malware tool, not specifically an antivirus and often catches these things where major A/V applications fail.



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              I just spent six hours getting rid of this virus.  Apparently this virus is quite well known and the solution is posted on the web.  I can figure out why McAfee didn't catch this?  It bothers me that I could down load free software to get rid of it but the software I paid for didn't find it.


              When my subscription to McAfee expires I will be looking for different software.

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                Peter M

                NO antivirus catches everything as I stated previously.   AV Security Suite is a fake antivirus suite and takes advantage of people knowing full well that they will most likely click oin sonething rather than dismiss it.  It's the clicking that starts the ball rolling.


                There are processes in place to submit things that McAfee does not detect here: http://vil.nai.com/vil/submit-sample.aspx and all A/V makers have the same process.  So switching A/V makers is your prerogative of course but it could happen with any of them.

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                  Thank you for your reply, Ex_Brit.  I agree that McAfee can't stop me from clicking on something but my computer was infected with a well known virus which McAfee couldn't detect.  I would think McAfee would update their software to stay current on known viruses so they can detect and eliminate them once they have infected the PC.

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                    Peter M

                    According to its description I read from the various removal instructions posted on the web it isn't a virus at all, just a deceptive piece of software designed to extort money from people for protection that doesn't exist.  So antviruses generally would have a hard time dealing with it.


                    Applications such as Malwarebytes which aren't that good at regular virus detection, are designed to detect these weird things, that's why it is wise to always carry 1 or 2 extra pices of protection in the shape of anti-spyware applications.  Plus, as I said, antivirus applications will sometimes trip up on something and rely on you the customer to submit samples so their database can be updated.


                    I'm not a McAfee employee so have no axe to grind here, but I think you would have had a similar experience no matter what brand of protection you had installed.

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                      Malwarebytes is the program for this.Peter is correct.At least that is what i have heard about this fake program.If this does`nt work,you may have to change the exe file name.To something other then mbam.Such as mmbam exe.If you can get to malwarebytes.org there are articles on this.If not let me know & i will try to do the research for you.   Good luck Jack

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                        Thank you very much for your offer to help.  I was able to finally get rid of this once I figured out the directory containing the malware was hidden.

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                          I got this same issue last night and "Malwarebyte"worked for me. But still even since the first post in this thread it's been month and Mcafee still has updated their software to catch this issue.



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