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    Multiple policies in one category



      I am relatively new to ePO so apologies if this sounds like a sad case of ignorance!

      I have successfully created policies in all the required categories; however, I have 2 or 3 policies in some categories.  when I went to assign the policies I noticed you can only have one policy per category per system/group.  Is there a way around this?




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          Attila Polinger



          what exactly did you have in mind to achieve?

          There can only be one policy for one group or system per category which is assigned (and many which is not), but you could have clients to get re-sorted according to, like, what IP they get, into different groups so a different policy could apply to them (provided a different policy is assigned to that group and its previous group).

          If you were looking for a policy assignment based on condiditons, I think this cannot be implemented at present...