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    Catch 22 in moving ePO 4 DB from local to remote server ?

    Attila Polinger

      Hi all,


      I am trying to perform the database migration as per KB 68427. However I am stuck at Step 6. Step 6 describes the way you should change database information in ePO so it takes the remote database next time.


      But since the services were stopped in step 1, the DB config page in the browser does not come up. Tried starting the servcies: no use, the old db information is used.


      I am (thinking I am) aware of the fact that ePO stores db information under db.properties and perhaps changing the information in that file could be enough to fulfill Step 6 requirements. I am however reluctant in doing this unless getting confirmation which fields need be changed.

      Or someone here knows a way to exit from Step 6 cath 22 trap?


      Many thanks in advance for any commenting..