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    pop up Questions & visual tracer again

      Hi,I was also having pop up issues after the update the other day.I already had site advisor installed so not sure if this is legit.Also I recieved a pop up for Mcafee can anyone tell me if they are legit.The problem is that when i don`t choose anything i can`t X out of the page.Also does anyone know what the real story with visual tracer is for Mcafee 9.I heard they discontinued this portion 3 times it has stopped working.Today it is working again???

      Here are the pop ups for Mcafee please let me know if they are good.It seems strange to already have things in working order and recieve 2 differant pop ups for items i did`nt need.I certainly don`t need a renewal since i have a long term plain.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Thanks Jack


      Capture 1.PNG

      Capture 2.PNG

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          Peter M

          Do you get your software from Dell?   If so then that 1st one is normal and it's up to you to renew or not.  Shop around for price comparisons.


          The second one is also normal, however you may not wish your searches to be so secure, in which case uncheck that option and click Finish.  (Click Finish either way to get rid of the pop-up).


          Visual Trace is discontinued in SecurityCenter 10 which Dell has but hasn't released yet, or so I believe.  It has always been temperamental so going up and down isn't surprising.



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            Thanks EX-brit, I just find it odd.All of the thing i metioned are strange.I know we have talked about the visual tracer before.I remember that you also liked this feature.Just odd that it works for a week or so then it`s down and repeats that cycle.As far as the site advisor i already had it up and running this is why i don`t understand what that was about.As far as the subscription through dell?This is a fairly new computer.Which came with Mcafee and an extended plan was offered and paid for.So this won`t be running out in over 2 more years.???? But thanks for the insight as always.

                                                                                                                                greatly appreciated Jack

            1 last thing,I went through the motions again & now i have site advisor as an enabled add on under seach engines (secure search)?

            I never had this before.I had the box checked to prevent changes to my default browser.After i reset site advisor i now have 2 seach engines enabled.

            I can`t disable secure search because then site advisor won`t work.Do you know a way to fix this?I like the search engine i use and did`nt have problems until the update.

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              Peter M

              You should be able to click to the right of the icon and bring up Options and if you uncheck Secure Search there then "Save".  It should then be disabled.


              Just close and reopen the browser and it should work like it used to.


              If not then contact Tech Support Chat.

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                Thanks Ex-brit,

                That was a winner.Still don`t understand what happened with the pop ups.Everything is working as it was before the update.

                                                                                                                             Enjoy the weekend


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                  Peter M

                  All the best, thanks.