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    Windows 7 install on 2nd harddrive - broke booting from SafeDisk 1st Drive

      Have an dilema here.   Running dual harddrive machine.  Drive 0 has my corporate data with SafeBoot running under Windows XP.


      The second harddware was to be used to "dual boot" into Windows 7 to test various software products and leave my corporate drive alone.


      Installed Windows 7 Pro today onto the second drive, didn't have any issues with that.


      However, not I cannot boot into my Safeboot drive (Windows 7 possibly changed the MBR I assume?)




      What can I do to get my Safeboot drive back up and running?  Do I just use a Windows XP Boot disk and fixmbr or is there a specific one I need from Safeboot?





      Note:  My intention was not to have a boot menu with both OS's, I'm fine with using the BIOS menu to select which drive to boot from (that way I don't have to worry what SafeBoot does to the MBR in future etc).



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