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    Best way to replace an old ePO server

      I plan on replacing our existing ePO server with a new server.  Currently we have ePO 4.0 on a W2K3 system it is attached to a SQL database on another system.  I have set up a new server with ePO 4.5 and W2K7R2 64bit and built a new DB on the SQL server.  The new server is working fine (although I don't have any clients using it).  I have matched all the policies and settings between the 2 servers.  We don't need any history or old data from the old DB.  I plan on turning off the old ePO 4.0 server and renaming the new one with the same name and IP address.  I believe that the clients will begin talking to the new server simply because it has the same name and IP as the old server.  My questions are: Will I run into any issues doing it this way?  Is there a prefered method to do this?  Will we need to regenerate the server certificates when we change the name or can I just import the old ones?  Thanks in advance.

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          Sailendra Pamidi

          If you rename the ePO 4.5 server, you would need to regenerate the Apache SSL Server certificate refer to KB66620 for details. Assuming the Agent server communication keys from the older ePO 4.0 server are imported to your newer ePO 4.5 server, this may just work. But this not the regular upgrade path - so you may want to take a backup of your existing ePO 4.0 installation according to the Disaster recovery KB51438 before going further.




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            Thanks, I'll take a look at the KBs.  Unfortunatly this is the only way to get the OS to a 64 bit version.  I could format the old server and reinstall but as some of the ePO settings are not stored in the database I would still need to configure the new ePO version and without a comparison available I may miss something.  Can I push new ePO agents out and replace the old ePO server cert with the new server cert?  Or is it best to import the old certificates?  I will be importing from AD to get the list of systems to manage.  Thanks.